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From Retail to Healthcare Jobs: Know the Top In-Demand Jobs Today

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The rise of digital media and virtual presence through the Internet has affected how individuals socialize and conduct their day-to-day affairs, especially in the workplace. While some careers continue to be in demand, the present technological-focused climate has put others in the limelight, bringing about a surge in demand for specialized workers as seen in job search sites like Granted. People currently looking for a job may want to take note of the most in-demand careers—from the myriad healthcare jobs to the plethora of technological careers available today.

Nurses are a mainstay in any medical institution or facility, whether private or public. They assist doctors in doing medical procedures, and are often also tasked with some administrative duties. There are currently over 2 million registered nurses in the country, with this figure estimated to rise by 22 percent over the next 10 years.

While nurses are permanent fixtures in the medical industry, accountants are present in almost every industry. Aside from the conventional task of ensuring the accuracy of financial records and that all taxes have been paid, accountants also help in assessing financial operations to ensure smoother business operations. Accountancy jobs are expected to experience a 16 percent growth by 2020.

With a median annual salary of $57,000, being a sales representative can also be a rewarding occupation. These honest-to-goodness retail jobs involve working behind the scenes to sell goods on behalf of wholesalers and manufacturers to large clients like government agencies, corporations, and other organizations. In many instances, the job entails frequent travel in and out of the country.

Software development has also grown in recent years. All of the nifty apps and programs individuals have on their smartphones and computers are products of a software developer’s hard work. Software development is the highest paying job among technology jobs, with software developers receiving a median annual salary of $87,000. Software developers should not only be skilled in designing and coding programs, they must also be abreast with all the latest trends in the ever-evolving IT world.

With the prominence of the Internet in people’s lives, the demand for web developers has increased exponentially over the years. Web developers are responsible for creating those visually-appealing, functional, and informative websites and web pages that people browse through when surfing the Net. Job opportunities for this career are expected to have experienced a 13 percent increase by 2018.

From Retail to Healthcare Jobs: Know the Top In-Demand Jobs Today by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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