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Tips for Dressing Well for Job Interviews

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Tips for Dressing Well for Job Interviews

Summary: Here are some important tips on how to dress well for job interviews.

This is the time when many people complete their educational programs and start on a new career path. For younger students and those people who have changed careers paths drastically, this can be quite an adjustment.

One of the more commonly asked questions about starting a new career is how to dress. Although an employer will hire you for the work that you do, the impression that you make in the way you dress is still very important. Because of this, most of us have been given advice such as “dress for success”. Unfortunately, few of those advice givers tell us exactly what dressing for success means.

When it comes to dressing to your advantage at work, the rule of thumb is to emulate your boss. That doesn’t mean that you need to go to work in a three piece suit if you are a floor worker and your boss isn’t, but you can make yourself stand out by following management’s example.

For example, if your boss wears jeans to work, it’s all right for you to do the same. However, be sure that your jeans are neat and clean, and without holes. If your boss wears dress pants and a button down shirt, it’s probably best for you to opt for dress pants rather than jeans. If your boss wears a full suit, dress as closely as you can to his or her example, keeping in mind the type of work that you perform. Overall, you can benefit by dressing a step up from your coworkers.

The next problem that I often hear concerning work apparel is the cost involved. There is no denying that more formal clothes can be very costly. There are some strategies to help you spend your money well:

  • Pick a core color. When you are beginning to assemble a professional wardrobe, every purchase counts. Choose a basic core color to build your wardrobe around. Then, when you shop for clothing, buy either your core color or one that matches it. This will help you to purchase items that you can mix and match. Black or brown works well. Be careful with blue as it is hard to match.
  • Buy 3 or 4 pairs of good shoes. Many people go overboard in the number of shoes they own. When you are starting out, buy a good pair of business casual shoes and a pair of professional shoes in your core color. Build on this as the need for more seasonal shoes arises. Remember, if you are looking to save money – one pair of black business casual shoes is enough.
  • Give a resale shop a look. In a society in which people get tired of their clothes long before they are worn out, there are often great deals to be had at resale shops. You may not always find something that you like in your size, but the occasional deal on a great suit jacket makes it worth the stop!
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