Yearly Archives: 2010

The Objective Section in Your Resume

In order to craft an effective resume for yourself, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. But one of the first and foremost things to remember is that simply listing your credentials will in no way get you to the interview. You need to present your information intelligently, demonstrate your caliber through proper wording and design, and work very hard to make an impactful beginning.

Why the Best Executives are So Highly Paid

The higher I have risen in my career, the more criticism and the more obstacles I have faced. In today's world, if you lay off an employee, fire someone, or make any other potential decision that upsets people, you will face incredible scrutiny. Former employees will go on blogs and criticize you and your leadership style. You will be attacked by many people. This is something that has happened to every leader and every organizer throughout the ages. The leaders of companies, organizations, and religions are subject to incredible criticism and attacks by virtue of the position they are in. In some countries, the leaders are assassinated. Anyone who organizes groups of men and women, whether it is a country, a religion, or a company, will face criticism and pressures that the average working man and woman simply do not face.