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Make Sure You Answer These 3 Questions in Your Cover Letter

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Summary: Make your cover letter as strong as possible by answering these three questions that help show you are the best-qualified candidate.

Hiring managers glance over applications for just a few moments. With only a few seconds to impress, resumes and cover letters need to be spot on. The point of a cover letter is to show you are the best candidate in just a few sentences. If you wish to write a cover letter that makes the statement “Hire me!” then you need to follow these three easy steps by answering these key questions in your letter.

1. Who are you?

Think elevator pitch when you are starting the cover letter and explaining who you are. This means you need to deliver a pitch that highlights you as an experienced candidate that fits in with what they are looking for. Introduce something that you have recently that is amazing and matches the company’s needs.

2. Why are you the best fit for the company?

Your resume is the place to display your work experience. Your cover letter is the place to explain how your experience is relevant to the job. This includes providing information that depicts you as a desirable employee as well. Focus on just two or three of your best skills, expertise, or other qualifications that make you the best-suited candidate for the job.

3. When can you have an interview?

Finish your letter strong by asking for an interview. Some studies indicate that those who ask for an interview in the cover letter are twice as likely to get that interview. You can ask for the interview with something like this: “I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how I can contribute…” Write with enthusiasm and confidence. End the letter with your name, email or phone and a mention of any attachments.

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Make Sure You Answer These 3 Questions in Your Cover Letter by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin