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10 No-No’s for the Workplace

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Summary: Don’t let yourself be “that person” at work that does everything wrong and is inconsiderate to others.

How do we learn workplace etiquette? Generally our parents aren’t going to teach it to us like they do table manners. School is unlikely to teach us workplace etiquette so there are very few places left to learn besides in the moment. In an attempt to not be impolite or look out of place at work take our advice. Here are ten things that happen in the office but you definitely should not be doing.

  1. Do not engage in loud cellphone conversations while walking through the office because you will interrupt everyone as you walk past them.
  2. Do not chew ice, slurp beverages, or eat/drink other loud items no matter where you are. There is little difference to eating loud food at your desk, in a conference room, or in the break room. Keep the loud stuff at home.
  3. Do not work out during lunchtime without cleaning up after. While it is great to fit in some exercise, breaking even a little sweat will produce an odor that no one wants to smell.
  4. Do not get into a fight on the phone and force your coworkers to listen to it.
  5. Do not apply or remove nail polish at work. The chemical smells are strong and so people may even be allergic to them. This also goes for other strong smelling items like applying cologne, perfume, scented lotion, etc at work.
  6. Do no try to involve a coworker in gossip over another coworker. You never know where another person’s loyalties lie or who else is listening in on the conversation.
  7. Do not show up late to a meeting and ask someone to bring you up to speed on what you missed. You were late so you must suffer the consequences.
  8. Do not discuss political, religious, or other controversial topics with co-workers.
  9. Do not ask a coworker about their finances or discuss yours. Keep the money issues private.
  10. Do not invite a coworker to lunch right in front of another coworker without including them as well.

If you want to help everyone else out at the office, leave these tips where others will see it – be it the break room table, a bulletin board, or the bathroom stall.

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10 No-No’s for the Workplace by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin