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12 Traits of a Great Boss

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Summary: In order to be a boss that is liked and respected, you need to have a firm grasp on these 12 traits.

Let this sink in: Approximately half of all employees will quit their jobs because of their boss. Not because of pay or weird hours. A bad boss is the primary reason for employees to quit their job. A bad boss creates disengagement and low performance from employees. In order to be a great boss that employees are asking to work for, possessing these 12 traits is a must.

  1. Positive

Thinking positive will completely change the atmosphere at work. Your employees will be happy to be at work, be more engaged in the company and its mission, and more willing to treat others respectfully.

  1. Honest

Losing credibility with your employees ruins any kind of effective workplace relationship with your employees. Employees will appreciate honesty, even if it hurts.

  1. Delegate

Micromanaging and controlling everyone at work does not produce effective workers. Know when to let your employees take control.

  1. Communication

How can you expect to work well with others and manage effectively if you can’t communicate? The majority of problems in the workplace are from a lack of communication.

  1. Inspire

A great boss will be able to inspire their employees to be better and do better. This includes encouraging employees to progress and move up in the company by taking on more responsibilities and providing learning opportunities.

  1. Balanced

Let your employees maintain a balance of work and life. Requiring them to place an emphasis on work over life all the time will cause burnout. It is normal for big projects at work to take priority but don’t expect that level of commitment all the time.

  1. Align the Team

Be able to keep the team focused and working towards the same goal.

  1. Give Credit

When an employee or employees do something worth noting, give them that well-deserved credit. Taking responsibility for an employee’s idea or hard work will backfire.

  1. Praise

Praising your employees goes right along with giving credit. Celebrate even the same accomplishments even if they are not directly related to work.

  1. Mentor

Treat your employees like you are their mentor. Instead of telling them what to do, show them. Not only will be sure that they are learning things correctly, you will be teaching them to help others as well.

  1. Encourage healthy habits

Help and encourage your employees with healthier habits. Instead of bringing a box of doughnuts to team meetings, bring a fruit tray and some fresh bagels. Get your team out walking during breaks. Studies show that being active and eating healthy improves efficiency.

  1. Fair

Treating some employees differently than others demoralizes them. Include and treat everyone with the same respect if you want respect in return.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin