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What to Ask during a Performance Review

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Summary: When you pull an employee into a performance review, ask them these questions to learn more about their performance and how you affect it.

The goal of performance reviews is to connect with your employees on their thoughts on how things are going and if there are any issues affecting their performance. Performance reviews are generally held every six months or once a year. Regardless of how often you hold your reviews, there are specific questions you need to be asking.

What accomplishment are you proud of?

Opening up a performance review with this question gets you right into the focus of the meeting. You want to see what they perceive as a big accomplishment and how they talk about the accomplishment. Word choice is a key thing to take note of. Does the employee focus on “I” or “we” when they talk about accomplishments? There is nothing wrong with an employee being proud of something they achieved on their own. You are simply trying to learn more about your employee and what they value.

What are your goals for the next (insert length of time)?

You may do a six-month check-in on goals or a year, whichever it is, develop a plan to help them reach their goal by that time. When you know what they are working towards, you will know how to help them get there.

What have I done to help you do your job better? What have I don’t that hindered your job performance?

Performance reviews are a good time to learn about yourself as a leader and how your leadership affects your team. You may be doing something that you think is helping but is actually hindering your employees. Your actions may also be affecting their performance so low performance may not necessarily be their fault.

Do you have what you need to perform your job?

Your employee may need a scanner at their desk to speed up their work so they can accomplish more each day or training in a program that would make their work more efficient. Asking them is the best way to find out what it is they need to improve their performance.

In which area(s) would you like to improve upon?

This question helps you understand what the employee perceives is their weakness. You may be surprised to see what they view their weakness as is different from what you feel it is.

What do you want your next position within the company to be?

You want to be encouraging your employees to advance within the company so finding out what job interests them and they are trying to work towards will help you know how to encourage them. Knowing what they are aiming for will help you create a plan with them to reach that goal.

Do you have any concerns going forward?

End the performance review by giving your employee an opportunity to voice concerns or issues that you may not be aware of or that they feel needs attention.

How often do you hold a performance review? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin