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Colleges and Employers Don't Value Your Texting Skills

Symbols, abbreviations, and emoticons have gradually crept into the daily communication used by teenagers and young adults throughout the United States and beyond. Texting is now a necessary skill for every young person with a cell phone or a computer. Teenagers regularly depend on this abbreviated form of communication to quickly transmit words, thoughts, and emotions to their friends.

The Magic Asphalt Sealer Tank

When I was in college, my girlfriend had the annoying habit of periodically declaring that the dorms were too noisy for her to sleep. What this really meant to me was that she had decided it was time for me to drive her to an industrial part of town so we could spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express, or a similar hotel.

The Advantages of Jobs Online

Decades back, employment was often limited to 9-5 jobs advertised in job bulletins and newspaper classifieds, but the advent of the worldwide web saw the boom of jobs online which later led to helping more people with various skills and academic trainings. Not only is work easier through the internet, but it is also more convenient, saves a lot of time, and allows everyone several options for working. Recruitment sites, employer websites, job ad boards, and various job sites today are steadily offering more jobs in the internet readily accessible to anyone who has a computer.