What On Earth Are Trade Exhibitions For?

As a Sydney-based exhibition designer, Ove Prado often conducts his own survey of trade shows. He tries to work out, from what he sees, the purpose that each stand is playing in that company's marketing strategy. “All too often”, he says, “the message is confusing and some designs actually drive customers to walk straight past” Renting space at a trade exhibition, designing a stand, having it built and staffing it for the duration of the exhibition shares some of the essen...

A Few Clicks from the Jackpot

Casino gambling has transformed into a major industry across the world. For the past decade casino gambling has seen to expand its boundaries far beyond the limits of Las Vegas. Today Casino gambling has been legalized in more than forty-nine united states and hundreds of different countries. As a result there seems to be an increment of about $100 billion in gambling revenues since the 1990's.

Submit Resume – How to Put Your Resume to Good Use Online

Your job does not end simply after you posted your resume on a job hunt website. In fact, experts go on a step further to state that a posting a resume is just the beginning. The job applicant must make sure that their resume is actually being out to use by the website they have posted their resume on. That requires formatting, updating and networking your resume to let the best jobs find you.

Strategic Project Management – A Competitive Advantage

Recently, a number of the world's leading project management organisations have taken major initiatives to enlighten executive management about the strategic importance and benefits of project management. The focus is to move from individual project management to organisational project management, which these organisations maintain is a strategic advantage in a competitive economy.

A good alternative to resume rabbit

There are quite a number of websites that would promise you all the benefits of submitting your resume over their website but ultimately you will find that you are not getting the exposure you actually demand. You are not even being called by well known companies and the job search results are proving to be quite futile for you since you are not getting the jobs that suit your qualifications perfectly. So in these cases how do you intend to help yourself? Will you sit idle and wait till you land up on the golden opportunity, or decide to shed off your passive gown and take up an active role? I think it is time that you change the resume submitting site.