Your Marketing Efforts Sink, Swim Or Soar Depending On How Well You Satisfy The

A few years ago I created a to-do list for my business (different from my to-do list for clients). Nearly every day I would add something to the list. Soon, I had over five pages of things to do -- tasks I viewed as important enough to interrupt what I was doing so I could add them to my list. Before long, every time I opened the document I got depressed. I was always adding to the list, but almost never crossing anything off. Why? I discovered I had a number of well-...

How to Communicate Well in an Office

What is meant by ‘communicate well’? It straight away means effective communication skills that need to be acquired when you’re in an office and working. The language should be as professional as it can get as well as clear and not ambiguous. How you communicate in your office also defines your character and makes way for you to rise on the promotion ladder.

Posting Resumes – How to Successfully Post Your Resume Online

Are you new to the process of looking for a job? Or are you new to the process of setting up a resume online? Need help? Well, you’re at the right place. It isn’t embarrassing at all if you are completely new to the concept of looking for a job online or setting up your resume online i.e. to post your resume online in order to improve your chances of getting a job offer. In fact most people who look for jobs aren’t aware of setting up their resumes properly. The fact of the matter is if you see around you, you can find a lot of people in the same boat as you are now and its nothing to be ashamed of.