Website marketing for expert witnesses: templates save time and money

You know it’s time for a new web site to promote your expert witness practice if: 1) your home page features a button that says “click here to skip intro;” 2) your webmaster quit over two years ago and you have not had time to find a replacement; 3) your web site still features a visitor counter; or 4) your web site uses “frames.”

7 Key Skills to Becoming a Successful Wedding Planner

Becoming a wedding planner involves more than just planning a wedding. You must understand the business aspect of your service and learn to manage your time to earn the most profits. You will be the face of your business and your own public relations representative. Every day you will have the opportunity to build -- or damage -- your reputation as a businessperson.

What Is Education Based Marketing

Selling-based marketing is built around a selling message, sometimes called a sales pitch. The sales pitch is often delivered using methods that reach out to prospective customers, such as telephone selling, direct mail and door-to-door sales. Education-Based Marketing is built around an educational message, which replaces the sales message. The educational message is commonly delivered to prospective clients through educational means. These include written materials, med...

Seven Tips for Marketing Yourself

During the real estate boom, agents might have been able to get their listings sold merely be hammering a sign into the ground. Now agents are seeing their listings staying on the market longer, so even those with years of experience must face facts. To stay in business, you need to become a pro at selling yourself to sellers besieged with marketing messages. "A lot of people are brand new to this," says Betty Wilson, owner & broker for Wilson Realtors in Orlando, FL.

Advantages and Disadvantages of doing Data Entry versus OCR

Want a digital format of the hard copy of any document? OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology can be the right option. Changes are taking place in the field of Data Entry service with the improvement of modern technology. Apparently, you may think OCR service as a substitute of data entry service, however, OCR services come with both advantages and disadvantages.