Performance Evaluation Etiquette

When in a workplace, there has to be a pattern followed – something that deals more with etiquette and ethics. Remember, you cannot be too open and cannot voice your personal feelings too loud; personal views do not matter but group views do. When carrying out performance evaluation for your employees, make extra sure that you do not miss any of the office etiquette learnt.

Job Search – Myths about Job Search

Job hunting is an important part of almost everybody’s life. First of all you need to choose your field in which you are interested. Always select your field on choice and not on compulsion. If you have already entered the job market and have started looking for jobs then you might be aware of the kind of competition present in this market.

Beware – Borders and Boundaries

Have you ever had someone get right up in your face when they are talking to you? So close in fact that a letter "S' results in an unwanted shower? Often when we are out networking, we find ourselves in a loud environment as people try to talk louder to be heard over people trying to talk louder to be heard. This results in a roar that makes regular conversation difficult.