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Embrace the Beauty of Moroccan Furniture for Your Home Decor

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If you’ve always wanted to add a touch of elegance to your home decor, you’ll be amazed at the exquisite designs of Moroccan furniture. Derived from Morocco, a small country in North Africa, Moroccan furniture blends Mediterranean style with unique Arabic and Islamic patterns. The furniture pieces resemble those found in many mansions of royalty, yet they can be used to brighten even the humblest of settings.

Moroccan decor consists of rich, vibrant colors such as blue, red, yellow and their various shades for wall coverings and paint as well as floor coverings and ceiling tiles. Cornices, columns, and moldings highlight the walls of each room, adding a sense of royal elegance to the home. The Moroccan furniture is used to accent the wall colors in an artistic way, with all colors and patterns complementing one another. Moroccan accessories such as lamps, lanterns, mirrors, benches, armoires, vases, mosaic end tables, ottomans, Moroccan area rugs, window dressings, and ceramics can add that special touch to the decor.

Types of Furniture for Moroccan Interior Design

There are various styles and colors of Moroccan furniture for every room of the home. Each type of furniture is marked by its rich engravings using flowers and patterns involving a variety of shapes. The patterns and colors are soothing and artistic. For the living room, there are couches and chairs, tables, stools, and pillows. Sofas and chairs are often made with silk, leather, and/or crape cloth materials to give the look of luxury. Moroccan-style engraved wood and metal are often used for furniture framings and for tables and accessories.

For Moroccan bedroom decor, there are bed frames made of iron or wood, which are carved with lovely designs to enhance any bedroom. Moroccan bedding comforters and pillows come in a variety of patterns and colors for every taste. There are also Moroccan nightstands, dressers, chests, lamps, rugs, lovely room dividers, and wall coverings to create a restful room.

Moroccan decor in the kitchen can be accomplished with Moroccan plates and glasses, vases, bowls, platters, and countertop ceramics. Accessories are the key to a Moroccan-style kitchen. And the same goes for the bathroom; you can accessorize with Moroccan-style paintings, shower curtains, shower rugs, and cabinets.

A Dreamy Castle-Like Setting

Turn your home into a dreamy castle-like setting with other unique Moroccan interior design items such as painted ceilings, arches, and doors. Painted ceilings are large palace-style pieces with an antique design. They can be used to enhance your lighting in any room and they come in a variety of color schemes. Carved doors are also beautiful for the entrance of your home and come with many designs and patterns to match your home’s exterior. For lighting the entrance (indoors or outdoors), Moroccan wall sconces are available in different shapes and sizes. Wall sconces are usually made of brass, glass, or metal and often come in triangular or square shapes.

Like any homemaker, you probably want your home decor to be interesting and inviting for all your guests. But most of all, you want it to reflect your family’s personality and provide comfort every moment of the day. Moroccan furniture and decor accessories enable you to express all these and more. Go online today to find beautiful Moroccan furniture to meet your decor needs.

Embrace the Beauty of Moroccan Furniture for Your Home Decor by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes