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Jobs Post Resume – How to Post Your Resume

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Jobs Post Resume

The industry has been especially harsh with freshers. Companies are not quite willing to spend additional resources on training freshers and have a mindset that says, ‘we would rather choose a person with experience’. True, but a good resume post can work in your favor completely! If you know how and where to post your resume, you’ll never be in the league of empty-handed people.

Formatting and re-formatting the resume is utmost essential in today’s scenario. You need to be a player with words and at the same time not over-inflating your credentials. Remember, your employers have become extra sensitive and will scan through your background; the moment they find that the data as provided by you is inconsistent with your actual track record, you’re blacklisted in the job world! There is no second chance today – thanks to the burgeoning competitive population!

If you’re posting your resume online, you’ll have to keep in mind that the website has an ‘attachment’ feature. That is, you can choose to upload and ‘attach’ your resume, rather having to fill-out the resume styled form on it. If you’re on a job search website that has a submission style like the latter, your resume and the thousand other odd resumes are no different. It is your style of resume formatting that differentiates the best from the rest! Your employer is qualified enough to ‘get the message’ at the first instant and thus you have to format your resume every time you approach a new company, best suited to their needs.


Your core competencies are the main keywords in your resume. Therefore, when posting your resume, you must make it a point to highlight the ‘keywords’ in your resume. It will help your resume look well formatted and structured. Weight-age in the resume what the employers want. As your experience keeps on increasing, short sentences reduce down to even shorter and more precise ones. If you’re a fresher, you need to know how to play with words. You must make your resume look like a precise version without writing an essay – thus, choice of words is perhaps the most important thing.

Posting your resume should accompany a cover letter that clearly outlines your reason for applying. It has to be precise to the dot and strictly formal but with a soft tone. With the advent of the internet, job application has become easier and faster. It is up to you, how you turn the advantage for your benefit!

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes