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Small Ads Produce Dynamic Results: 4 Steps to Exploding Your Market With Small Ads

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Dynamite comes in small packages… or in small ads in the marketing realm.  Our natural instincts scream that BIGGER IS BETTER!  Is it really true?  Sure, the small advertisement doesn’t have the luxury to of listing all of the benefits and cementing the deal.  It does whet the reader’s appetite for more information and clearly directs them to the desired info.  Here are 4 easy steps to make small ads work for you.

1.  One Product, One Target
Let’s face it, you don’t have space to waste.  Decide on your specific target audience and focus on one specific product.  Keep it simple, direct, and powerful… a one act production.

2.  Let Your Headlines Shout It
The headline is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your advertisement.  It will decide whether the reader reads or trashes the remainder of the information.  You’ve go to get it right, and say it loudly.  Focus on the most outstanding benefit of your product. 

3.  Back Up Your Headline
You don’t need to write stories or essays here.  Remember this is a SHORT ad.  Brief benefits can back up your headline just as effectively.  Fast!… As Easy As 1,2,3 … and Satisfaction Guaranteed… all speak the message you want to portray with no frills to distract readers from the main point.

Don’t forget to give the reader exact instruction on how to take advantage of the offer you’re advertising!  Keep it simple and easy, yet clear and with several options to choose from.  List a Website address, a telephone number, and a fax number.  Make sure it’s convenient for the reader to get the information he wants.

4.  Continuously Test It’s Effectiveness
The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.  What will happen if you change your headline… spice it up a little?  What about using different copy?  You’ll never know unless you experiment!

Don’t change more than one part of the ad at a time, if you’re expecting to discover exactly what is most effective. 

These 4 step advertisements are perfect for classified ads in magazines, newspapers or on the Web, direct mail postcards, and emails.  The potential profits from small marketing tool can produce astronomical results!

Small Ads Produce Dynamic Results: 4 Steps to Exploding Your Market With Small Ads by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes