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Careers in PR

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PR jobs are becoming very popular with many people given the fact that they pay well and bring oodles of job satisfaction. In fact it is forecasted that work in PR sector will see a rise which will be more than available jobs in any other sector. So that should be really good news for all those out there interested to work in PR.

Your chances of making a great start in your PR career will get even brighter if you can manage some special expertise in certain specified fields, simply because these sectors are taking on their PR work extremely seriously and are recruiting PR professionals with proper knowledge and expertise in the specified areas.

So all you need is some knowledge in areas such as technology, finance, international affairs, medicine, science, and so on. With a little expert knowledge in fields such as these you can actually expect brilliant careers in PR!

In fact there are certain sectors that have always been and will continue to be major recruiters as far as PR jobs are concerned and if you decide to have a great PR career for yourself with major growth prospects, then you can always target these recruiters. Business houses, educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities, governmental agencies, health institutions such as hospitals and several other large and small scale organizations are included within these recruiters.

In fact many of these recruiters actually maintain PR departments within their internal organizational structure. These recruiters therefore ensure careers in PR that are sure to dazzle your work life up! Moreover, there are also a large number of PR agencies that specialize only in PR work. They provide their services to various clients which include high profile companies as well.

If you can get a job in one such agency your career can be considered to be made. These agencies employ thousands of PR professionals each year and you could easily be one of them! As many of these agencies function not only at a local level but globally as well they provide you with much required exposure that further allows your career to blossom!

In the US there is much scope for careers in PR especially in the metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington DC as well as in Los Angeles. Apart from these places there is much scope in several other areas as well. Thousands of PR professionals have made a career for themselves in this sector and work in various industries such as in the media, health care, social service, education or other such industries. There are also many who opt for working in PR agencies of their own. Many are also working as PR consultants and there are few who work on their own as well.

Now if you are wondering how well you will be able to earn for yourself if you work in PR then you are sure to draw quite a handsome package right from the beginning which will only get better with time and experience! Your package should start from somewhere around $35 K per year and can move up to $ 71 K per year or even more! With a package like that surely you can work hard and make your way up the ladder!

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes