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Profile of Advertising Jobs in New York

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Advertising jobs are a requisite all the time, especially when it is variable and the constantly updating and changing patterns include innovations, and creativity, advertising vacancies are usually available, spontaneous and quick.

What do you need?

If you want your workplace to be near your home then check such tabs, which are location specific. As for ad agencies, there are plenty in NY, be it in Wall Street, Hudson Street, Stuyvesant Town, or Lincoln Square, you have to have a suitable profile with respect to your post.

All advertising jobs in New York prefer hiring people with a Bachelor’s degree of advertising or journalism, and some companies may require an additional experience in the respective post/ field you are applying for. So be smart, be meticulous for presentations, and be able to personify your debonaire.

It is important for you to be self motivated, tolerant and quick, as you are the “face” of your company while making ad deals, and advertising work in New York won’t accept laid back employees.

Your profile, should be different and to the point. Advertising work in New York needs you to increase and establish sales pitch, able to process paperwork, set up deals and contracts on time, and has a technical know-how of sales, ad process etc and has work orientation to qualify for an advertising job in New York which has the largest and reputed advertising agencies that can hire you.

Ad agencies in NY

New York advertising jobs can be looked upon in the internet, and extended search results can give you exactly what you want. The top advertising jobs in New York include the following places, like Omnicom Group, DDB Worldwide Communications Group in Madison Avenue, BBDO Worldwide, Rockfeller Center Info Line in Avenue of the Americas, and various other New York advertising employment agencies are located in Lexington Avenue, Broadway, West 45th Street, West 49th Street, Sterling Place-Brooklyn, 8th avenue, and the entire up-stretch from Wall Street to Manhattan. You can check Google maps, and search for your desired companies in Google, that suits your destination and locale.


This is a job profile that needs enough caliber to be persuasive, convincing, and requires you to reason deductively. To fit any advertising job post in New York, like advertising sales reps, consultants, manager, publisher, advertising director etc, you need to be in sync with the chosen agency’s requirements.

New York advertising employment, ensures a good pay packet, and also induces offers for Public Relations, Media, for local and national newspapers, like The New York Times or any other TV or Radio station, which always keeps you on cut edge responsibility.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes