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Tips for Accounting Jobs

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The best way to find accounting work is to keep in mind that there are mainly three ways to get these jobs, namely employment exchanges, local newspaper and of course, the internet.


The first thing to do is to search for accounting employment through the internet. Nowadays there are a lot of sites which deal with different job categories and accounting is one of them. All you need to do is to log on to such a site that deals with providing employment opportunities.

Then you narrow down to your area of expertise (in this case accounting) and place and put in your keywords and press enter. In fact, the best part about the internet is that there are location specific and job specific sites to make your search easier.

Local Newspaper

The next best tip is to consult your newspaper. Vacancies for employment in accounting are most likely to be advertised in the local papers, especially if it’s by a local company. These companies are not likely to advertise online. This is the reason why you need to check your local newspaper even though you might be searching online. This becomes even more important if you are looking for accounting jobs in your area.

Look for the classifieds section of these newspapers and you are bound to come up with something for accounting. Another advantage of searching for jobs through local newspapers is that you would know the “exact location” of the job. This is not found always in the case of websites.

They often tell you the place but refuse to give the address. Plus these websites put up employment information through third party employment agencies and not the primary employers. In case of newspapers, the advertisements are directly put up by the interested companies.

Head Hunter

The third tip to finding accounting jobs is through head hunters or employment agencies. They also have a more localized response as compared to the internet but also a wider base as compared to local newspapers. Plus they search jobs which are tailor made for you in accordance with your requirements and qualifications.

It is best to go with the best head hunters of your city if you want to get the best accounting job. If it is a really good exchange, then you will not need to pay them anything.

Often the companies who are need of accountants pay these exchanges so that they do not have to deal with the painstaking and time consuming interview process. These employment exchanges serve as a bridge between the accounting professionals and the companies.

These are some of the tips that can get you the best accounting jobs.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes