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United Space Alliance to Cut 1,200 Jobs

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United Space Alliance has announced today that they will be letting 15% of their workforce go by the beginning of October.

The company is NASA’s primary contractor for the space shuttle, and since the program may be ending as soon as February of next year, the decision comes as no surprise.

The company employs a total of 8,100 workers at their Florida, Texas, and Alabama sites, with approximately 1,200 now slated to be let go.

The layoffs are a disappointment, as program manager John Shannon revealed in a letter last month that the performance of the shuttle workers has been exemplary.

“These government contractor teams are unquestionably performing at an incredibly high level,” wrote Shannon. “I am extremely proud of how all of you are maintaining your focus and completing the incredible legacy of the space shuttle program.”

United Space Alliance to Cut 1,200 Jobs by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes