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Bergen Regional Medical Center to Slash Close to 50 Jobs

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Bergen Regional Medical Center, a premier hospital in Paramus, NJ is now planning to remove slightly under 50 hospital positions to mend the effect brought about by the reduction on federal and state reimbursement for charity care along with the enactment of the prohibition against entering into contracts with managed health care providers. The hospital said that the two recent industry trends have a big impact on the state hospitals. As a result, hospitals will have a hard time attracting patients who are privately insured if having managed-care contracts with private health insurance providers will not be allowed. The hospital did not provide details as to an exact number of workers to be laid off and when.

A spokeswoman for the Bergen Regional LP, Donnalee Corrieri, said that the hospital is still in the process of finalizing the job cut details. Bergen attributed the slated layoffs to the enactment of the prohibition. “[It] prevents hospitals from entering into managed-care contracts [and] will add more financial challenges to an already difficult reimbursement environment.” Corrieri also noted that the hospital continued to provide quality service to its clients amidst the industry challenges. “Bergen Regional Medical Center, being a safety net hospital and one of the largest providers of charity care in the state, has provided medical and mental health care services to an increased number of patients without insurance while experiencing significant, multimillion-dollar reductions in reimbursements for treatment of indigent and uninsured patients.”

Meanwhile, Jeanne Otersen, the statewide policy director for the union, urged the hospital to provide specific details regarding the impending layoffs. “While Bergen Regional is privately managed, it is still publicly owned, and […] the hospital should be more forthcoming with details.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes