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Top Promotion Secrets for Career Advancement

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Everything you do needs to be showcased. It’s true that hard work pays, but until and unless you promote your skills and abilities to the world around you, you will note grow in your career at the rate at which you deserve to.

Get started with promoting yourself:

  1. Creative Problem-solving:
    Whenever you are faced with a problem, the last thing you should do is to run from it. Look at problems in a different light. Distance yourself and take a good look at the problem, analyze it, and try and come up with a range of ideas that would effectively solve the problem. Now that you have the solutions, make sure that others know about it. Make use of conversations, emails, meeting, and practically any other means of communicating it to people who make a difference. Once you do this, others will start appreciating you for your efforts and will begin to consider you as a creative problem’solver who has the ability to overcome challenges. It is a great opportunity to promote yourself, don’t let go of it.
  2. Volunteering:
    One of the most effective ways to make yourself recognized at the work place is to volunteer for taking up assignments that showcase your skills. The more challenging the project, the greater is the opportunity you have to make yourself known. Also, look out for those tasks that display your leadership, interpersonal and management skills ‘ these make an immense impact on others. Also, make sure you keep the managing heads posted on these efforts.
  3. Make an announcement about your wishes:
    It is absolutely fine letting others know that you wish to be promoted. Career influencers sometimes are not aware of what is it that you want and may not give you that promotion. Be direct. Approach them. Tell them that you wish to go to the next level. Ask them for their advice and guidance. Tell them to critically assess your skills and get to know how you need to get ready for the next level.
  4. Try and do the ‘Next Level’ work:
    You want a promotion? Then start doing work that is required of the next level. If you are in the entry level in your job and wish to become a manager, then ask your manager to guide you and mentor you for that level. Remember that your manager can go to the next level if he or she has someone to fill their post. Be clear about what you want to achieve and work towards it. In this way both sides can gain from it.
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Top Promotion Secrets for Career Advancement by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes