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Teleperformance Cutting More Than 1,200 Jobs in Florida

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Residents of Boca Raton and Orlando, Florida are facing layoffs from Teleperformance, a global call center company.  The company is laying off 860 in Boca Raton and 363 in Orlando, and the layoffs will go into effect on May 31 of this year.

The Boca Raton layoffs involved the following workers: 747 customer service representatives, 71 supervisors, 24 trainers, nine quality analysts, and nine assistant call managers.  According to a spokesman for the company, 350 workers will stay at the Boca Raton call center.

The company said that “The layoff is a result of the location no longer providing support to certain clients and is in no way a reflection of the performance of Teleperformance ASD.”

Teleperformance, a French company based in Paris, has operations in 50 countries, including its subsidiary companies.  It has a total of 120,000 worldwide employees.

Teleperformance Cutting More Than 1,200 Jobs in Florida by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes