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Super Bowl Advertisements: Are They Effective?

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The majority of marketing executives and advertisers are expecting the Super Bowl advertisements to be a true success. These marketers and advertisers are spending millions of dollars to advertise during this event, which is televised and will be viewed by millions of different people from all over. A lot of the advertisers and marketers are really hoping for the success of the advertisements during this event. However, some beg to differ that advertising during the Super Bowl is actually not very effective at all. A marketing expert, Charles Gaudet, believes that this style of advertising is inefficient.

Gaudet says, “Let’s face it, for millions of people, watching the Super Bowl ads are almost as exciting as watching the big game itself.” He continued by saying, “But what these advertising agencies tend to forget is that advertising isn’t about being witty, entertaining or winning an award for being the most creative – it’s all about selling and this is where they miss the mark.”

In an article, which was released at the beginning of February in 2011, during 200, there were about seven companies that invested nearly $2 million on advertisements to be displayed during the Super Bowl with hopes of receiving positive results, lots of attention from consumers, and helping the companies grow and expand. However, after these companies forked out so much money for the advertisement, the advertisements didn’t seem to do exactly what the advertisers were expecting and, ironically, many of those companies were out of business by the time the next Super Bowl rolled around.

This is a sad yet true fact. In fact, Flo TV had a hilarious commercial which was featured during the 2010 Super Bowl. However, while the commercial was hilarious and much of a hit amongst consumers, the company still went out of business by October. Even Budweiser’s commercials during the Super Bowl have not done much for the market share.

Gaudet has said that a lot of the Super Bowl advertisements that are made by larger advertising agencies are designed to show off the brand to a large amount of viewers at one period of time. Gaudet says, “Sadly, these advertisers have spent as much as a record $4 million dollars for a spot and, while many will remember the funny skits, slogans and actions, fewer will recall the company or brand that stands behind the ad.”

Gaudet says there are certain ways to make an advertisement more effective as a means of making more sales and attracting more consumers toward the brand. Gaudet says that the advertisements should give the viewer an actual reason or the advertisement and grasp the attention of viewers almost instantly. Noise and clutter within an advertisement can actually be a major turn off for consumers. Gaudet also suggests that advertisers make an offer to consumers that they simply cannot refuse. Gaudet says, “You have as much as 30 seconds to grab the person’s attention and make such a compelling offer that they go to your website, visit your store or call your phone number to inquire for more information or make the sale.” He continued by saying, “And we must not forget, it’s about making money … not being funny.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes