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Coca-Cola and the Olympics

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The Super Bowl, which was the most watched televised event in history, only took place a few days ago. The Super Bowl is, by far, the largest day for advertisers because such a large audience tunes in to watch the football game. However, now that the Super Bowl is over, Coca-Cola has set its eyes on yet another sports event, the Summer Olympics in London, which will take place this year in 2012.

The Coca-Cola Company already has some of its advertising campaign set up for the Coca-Cola soda. On Wednesday, the company plans to show off a quick glimpse of the campaign, which will be featured during the Olympics. The first part of the campaign, debuting on Wednesday, will be shown on YouTube and will be a four minute commercial. There will also be shorter versions of the commercial, running for 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 2 minutes as well.

The campaign for Coca-Cola, which was created by Mother, an agency in London, is yet another Coca-Cola campaign that will be supporting music. In 2010, the brand used music in its campaign for the World Cup. By relying on music, Coca-Cola believes it will appeal to more consumers, especially the younger consumers who are very in touch with the music world. Many young people who have a passion for sports also have a passion for music, which is why tying these two things together is important for Coca-Cola.

The entire idea of the Coca-Cola campaign is to generally reach the younger adults and teenagers, getting their attention and getting them to try and buy the products that Coca-Cola has to offer. The campaign is a representation of everything coming together, including pop culture, sports, and music, all in London. The commercial will feature different athletes, along with some celebrities, including the former producer of Amy Winehouse, Mr. Ronson. The athletes who will be featured in the commercial include Darius Knight from Britain, David Oliver from the United States, Kseniya Vdovina from Russia, and Davyan Jaffar of Singapore. For the campaign, they have been recorder participating in a number of different activities, including archery and tennis.

Once Mother received information about what Coca-Cola was hoping for, for its Summer Olympics 2012 game, the agency created tons of different unique ideas that incorporated both music and sports together. The global creative director for the Coca-Cola Company, Guy Duncan, was very pleased with the results from the agency. He also said that aside from the commercials, a documentary was made, which will feature Mr.Ronson and the different athletes.

The commercials from the Coca-Cola campaign will begin playing on television in Europe this month but will be released in different countries at different times, anytime between February through July 27th, which is when the Summer Olympics will start.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes