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Dayton 500 – the Super Bowl of Car Racing

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Without doubt the Daytona 500 is the most significant and celebrated race on the NASCAR calendar. Since the last decade US Television ratings for the race have been the highest for any auto race. The race attracts more than 15 million viewers worldwide and has amongst the largest live global television audience of any sporting event.

Its immense popularity and the certainty of reaching a wide world-wide audience, anxious advertisers ensured that FOX sold out its advertising inventory less than 48 hours before, WWF Superstar John Cena waves the green flag to start the race on Sunday, February 26.

Every year Coca-Cola, an official Nascar partner comes up with a memorable commercial, that is eagerly awaited by the Nascar fans. This year too, Coca-Cola has promised to deliver an ad that they will remember for a long-long time.

Stuart Kronauge, svp, Coca-Cola Marketing says, “the fanatical Nascar enthusiasts have come to expect Coca-Cola to deliver an iconic commercial at this race, and this year will be no different. The Daytona 500 offers the ultimate opportunity to reach millions of passionate Nascar fans and remind them why nothing goes better with racing than an ice cold Coca-Cola.”

Coca-Cola’s commercial will feature drivers like Tony Stewart, Jamie McMurray and Joey Logano, driving down a scorching hot track, to the refrain of “The Heat Is On.” Unable to take the heat and the sight of spectators guzzling coke, the drivers give in to the Coca-Cola bewitching song, pull into the pit and gulp down a bottle of refreshing coke.

Meanwhile, Sprint will also showcase an ad, that features driver Clint Bowyer singing “Here I Go Again” to karaoke music. Sprint extended its 10-year sponsorship contract with NASCAR, by an additional three years.

The Insurance category will also be well represented at the race, as Farmers’ Race unveils a new 30 seconds ad, featuring Kasey Kahne the driver of Farmers’ Car No.5.

Along with these trusted long time sponsors, Fox is getting huge support from Toyota as well.

The sponsors and the clients are not the only ones who will air their ads this Sunday. NASCAR is showcasing three promos designed to fuel eagerness and curiosity for the 2012 season.

For Fox, Daytona 500 has been a money spinner. Apart from its advertising spots going like hot cakes, it also enjoyed strong sales in the other areas, of beverages, food, wireless, and theatrical.

Nascar Managing Director of Brand, Consumer & Series Marketing said, “Using sports vernacular, we bring the vibrant and colorful world of Nascar to life, showing it is bigger, bolder, richer, deeper and faster than any other form of entertainment.”




Dayton 500 – the Super Bowl of Car Racing by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes