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No Cheese Spread For GCB, Following Sacrilegious Title

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Kraft Philadelphia, one of the world’s most popular cheese cream brands, is very upset with the content and the title of ABC’s new midseason show, “GCB”, which is based on the book series, “Good Christian Bitches.” They find the title “extremely offensive and distasteful.”

A representative of the company said, “Philadelphia has decided to pull its advertising from GCB.”  “We have received a few complaints from consumers and their opinions about our advertising are important to us.” To send a strong message, that their decision was not negotiable, he emphatically concluded, “We have recently decided to redirect our advertising to other programs.”

The show based on a novel by Kim Gatlin, revolves around the life of a reformed “mean girl” Amanda, enacted by actress Leslie Bibb, famous for her role in “Talladega Nights”. She returns to her hometown of Dallas, intent on rehabilitating herself, changed and anew, but finds herself subjected to spiteful gossip and rumor mongering from the girls she has left behind, who won’t forgive or forget.

The show has caused an uproar and has come under fire from Women and Christian groups that are calling it as a derogatory depiction of Christians that belittles all that Christianity stands for. New York City Councilman Peter Vallone, said, let alone the show, even “the title of the show alone is yet another outrageous attack on the Christian faith. Vallone wants ABC to pull the show off the air and to expedite the process, he’s demanding “people of all faiths” to boycott it on grounds that it’s an attack on religion.

Christian publisher Tessie DeVore said that the show’s tagline “For Heaven’s sake, don’t let God get in the way of a good story!” reflects badly on the religious tolerance of Christians and shows them in poor light. “I find the title offensive. I don’t think those two words should be combined,” she said. “A show like this can damage perceptions of Christians in this country.”

It was also feared that allowing shows to get away with such disrespectful use of words, could set a precedent that could have dangerous consequences. “Once a particular profanity or obscenity has been embraced by a particular show, it quickly becomes mainstream.” said Melissa Henson, director of communications and public education for the Parents’ Television Council.” “ABC is doubling down on the offensive by also approving ‘Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23.’

In response to the intense criticism, which ironically has garnered considerable publicity for the show, ABC said, the B in GCB stands for Belles and not Bitches. Vallone however, ridiculed the claim, saying “No one is fooled by that ridiculous claim. The original intent is clear, and changing the title of a show in your head doesn’t count.”

Kristin Chenoweth, the star of the show and a vocal Christian herself, defended the show and the title saying, that “The Bible tells us that we’re not supposed to judge, and people shouldn’t judge before seeing the show,” “I’m a Christian, I think that’s pretty well known, and I would never do anything that I think crossed the line.”


No Cheese Spread For GCB, Following Sacrilegious Title by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes