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Vacuum Stares Limbaugh As Exodus Caravan Continues Unabated

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The backlash for Limbaugh’s provocative comments continues unabated and although he is putting on a brave front and adopting a couldn’t-care-less public posture, it must be giving him cause for concern. “Everything is fine on the business side. Everything’s cool, there is not a thing to worry about.” Limbaugh is reported to have said. Based on ground reports, it appears to be a case of false bravado and misplaced audacity.

Reports of a mass-exodus by his advertisers have been arrogantly brushed aside by him, and he has alleged that the reports of advertiser defections have been greatly overstated. He told his audience that the ads that had been pulled off his show were a fraction of the 600 odd advertisers that are connected to his show. “That’s like losing a couple of French fries in the container when it’s delivered to you at the drive-through,” Limbaugh said derisorily. “You don’t even notice it.”

Contrary to his claims, however, it is reported that so far nearly 50 advertisers have pulled off their content from the controversial show and many more are expected to join the bandwagon, following his controversial statements regarding Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke.
Two radio stations have also dropped their program, joining , among others, makeup brand Bare Escentuals, Sensa Weight Loss , vitamin retailer Vitacost, AccuQuote Life Insurance, telecom firm Polycom, Hadeed Carpet and Thompson Creek Windows and internet giant AOL, parent company of the Huffington Post, on the exit bandwagon.

Media watchdogs, keeping a tab on his fallout with the advertisers, report, that in Limbaugh’s Thursday program, of the 86 spots aired, 77 were “free public service announcements donated by the Ad Council.” seven ads were from companies who are “in the process of pulling their spots.” So in reality there were only two paid ads, giving credence to reports that advertisers were fleeing en masse from the program and pulling the plug from Limbaugh’s brave claims.

The outrage is further fuelled by Limbaugh’s continued attack on women in his program. He called journalist Tracie McMillan, who wrote a book about food and American food habits, “Overeducated does not mean intelligent.” Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri, who wrote about him in her column, faced his ire, when he attacked her saying, “she inserted her “b-i-itchyness” into her “patently false” report about him.

Unapologetic and unrepentant, he said that it was “shame” that some advertisers were yanking off their ads from his program. “They decided they don’t want you or your business anymore.

Vacuum Stares Limbaugh As Exodus Caravan Continues Unabated by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes