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Dramatic TNT Belgium Debut, Is Well-Choreographed Magic

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Turner Network Television, more popularly known as TNT, has lived upto its tagline, “We Know Drama”. To promote its impending launch in Belgium the channel launched an ad that borders on the outrageous. Its freaky and crazy but without an iota of doubt is innovative and extremely effective.

A sign reading, “Push to add drama” points at a prominently placed, bright red, game-show-style button. Their curiosity aroused the townsfolk see the button, look at it, a cyclist even circles it but do not have the courage to push it. Ultimately, some plucky fellows press the button and all hell breaks loose.

An ambulance siren begins its moaning, reaching a crescendo. The ambulance screeches to a stop and its doors are flung open. Stretchers with patients are shoved inside. Fistfights occur and a muscular gent, who would be more at home in world freestyle wrestling bouts, rips of his shirt, revealing rippling muscles and a menacing tattoo, lands lusty blows on a frail looking chap. A scantily clad woman in red lingerie, astride a red motor cycle, zooming in and out of the chaos adds to the color. Towards the end, there is a police shootout and guns are blaring in all directions. A team of American football players saunters on to the scene as if nothing has happened.

At the finish, a massive banner is unfolded on a building side and on it is written: “Your daily dose of drama. TNT,” along with the network’s tagline, “We know drama” leaving the onlookers relieved, amazed and deliriously happy.

The obviously well planned and equally well executed display is impressive and exciting, leaving the onlookers dazed but overwhelmed.

Such an ad could only be stage managed in, as the network points out, “on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town,”   and certainly “could never happen in America.”

Had something like this been tried in America, some mystified spectator would have pulled out his own gun and fired some real bullets, unlike the fake ones in the ad and the ketchup would have been replaced by some real blood flowing on the streets. The whole police would have been on the scene before the stunts into their first acts.

The video, entitled ‘A dramatic surprise on a quiet square’ was produced by the Duval Guillame Modem agency, with Geoffrey Hantson as creative director and Koen Mortier as director.

Dramatic TNT Belgium Debut, Is Well-Choreographed Magic by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes