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Health on Demand Launched by Time Warner Cable to Delight of Advertisers

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It was announced on Monday by Time Warner Cable that it has launched Health on Demand. This provides 24 hour access to healthy content for the company’s Digital Cable customers. The new programing allows marketers and advertisers to target a specific group of people, those who are concerned about their health on a daily basis.

“We’re always looking to provide our customers with the opportunity to explore and find new offerings from local advertisers while enabling advertisers to reach their key audiences,” said Joan Hogan Gillman, President, Time Warner Cable Media. “Health on Demand will create a robust destination for anyone seeking tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle while allowing advertisers to engage with self-selected heath content seekers and maintaining 100% share of voice with a responsive television audience.”

One of the content categories is that of Cooking Light, which will have segments featuring recipes for healthy living. When the On Demand service was launched, there were videos available to watch regarding Kids’ Snacks, Cast-Iron Burgers, Healthy Salads, Key Lime Pie, Get Your Fiber and more.

“We’re excited to partner with Time Warner Cable into this new digital platform because we have great step-by-step video instruction for healthy cooking, and cooking is really the ultimate on-demand activity,” said Cooking Light Editor, Scott Mowbray. “People cook daily and need inspiration daily–at the time they’re trying to figure out what to make for dinner. The Health on Demand channel is the perfect solution.”

The other category of content is that of Gaiam TV, which will have content related to exercise and stress reduction. Some content available to watch now includes Pilates Energy, Cardio Weight Loss, Buff Moms and Daily Yoga.

“We are excited to introduce Gaiam TV to the Time Warner Cable Health on Demand audience,” said Patricia Karpas, Gaiam TV’s Digital Strategy Officer. “Gaiam offers its subscribers unlimited online access to award-winning workout, yoga and wellness videos, plus inspirational films and personal growth videos. We’re thrilled to provide a hand-selected sampling of our videos to Time Warner Cable.”

The Video on Demand platform has already brought some advertisers success. One of those companies is SummaCare, a health insurance company that services 18 counties in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton, Ohio markets.

“One of the things that impressed us most about our first On Demand campaign with Time Warner Cable was that the cost per view was so effective,” said Tracie Kinaitis, Director of Marketing, SummaCare. “We’re now looking forward to the opportunity to advertise on Health on Demand, as we hope to reach even more of our target audience.”

Health on Demand Launched by Time Warner Cable to Delight of Advertisers by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes