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Direct TV Goes Explosive, In Its Latest ‘Don’t’ Commercial

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Direct TV has come up with a hilarious, rather explosive, ad campaign, which cautions viewer to upgrade to Direct TV from Cable, “Don’t Have Your House Explode,” it admonishes. It follows its two other ‘Don’t’ commercials, ‘Don’t Wake up in a Roadside Ditch,’ ‘Don’t Have a Grandson With A Dog Collar,’ and the ad featuring Charlie Sheen, that suggests, ‘Don’t Re-Enact Scenes From Platoon.’ It is an apt and worthwhile addition to the series of its earlier three commercials.

This commercial too, follow the same admonishing narrative, that the result of using an erratic television service can have disastrous consequences for your lifestyle and even though the earlier ones, were limited to certain physical disabilities, this one insinuates that your house could go up in smoke – far-fetched but effective.

Through its ads, Direct TV, leaves you in a ditch with a black eye, fills your living room with feline creatures, sells your hair to a wig shop, fears that your daughter could go astray, it is not saying that you will be there, but suggesting you could end up in those situations, if you continue to stick with your cable provider –by merely ditching your cable service and opting for Direct TV, a stitch in time saves nine, or the other adage, that for want of a nail, the shoe was lost, you will ensure that sanity and peace prevail in your home and in your life.

The smugness and pride with which Direct TV derides Cable services and the rather conceited view of its own quality and competence, does not make it seem egotistical and arrogant its but helps creates an aura of supreme confidence and self-belief.

This time the ad’s chain of events, follow a lawyer, who goes to work frustrated and irritated because his cable TV picture kept freezing. In his irritation he fails to fight his case properly and cannot defend his client, who is sent to the slammer. In prison, the defendant, holding the lawyer responsible for his woes, spends his waking hours dreaming of settling scores. The day he is released, he executes his plan, by blowing up the lawyer’s house.

The lawyer is seen returning home from work and checking the mail box, when there is a huge explosion and he sees his house go up in flames and smoke. A tagline reads, “Don’t have your house explode, get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV.”

Some advertisement experts feel, that the idea, however effective and brilliant could have run its course and the agency should go in for a new direction. The campaign runs the risk of stagnation. Perhaps, they could follow the current trend a featuring a celebrity. Others feel that the current theme has umpteen possibilities and since it has been well received, it would be ill-advised to alter it.

The number of views that the ad has received is proof of its growing popularity.

Direct TV Goes Explosive, In Its Latest ‘Don’t’ Commercial by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes