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Cook County Looks to Raise Money

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Cook County, a county known for being strapped for cash, is looking for a way in which they can generate more money. The county is now considering selling naming rights, along with different types of sponsorships and even concessions. These ideas, along with assorted other ideas, including the possibility of featuring advertisements on the county’s website or even putting vending machines in different public areas, have all been mentioned by private firms as a way for the county to market itself and ultimately bring in more revenue.

The Board President of the county, Toni Preckwinkle, has said that at a time like this, the county is definitely facing some serious challenges when it comes down to the budget which is why they need to look at every aspect and consider which potential strategies could work the best to help the county increase their revenue stream and help out with the budget deficit. Preckwinkle also said that while considering what to do to increase the amount of cash that the county rakes in, it is generally most important to see what the public has to say about it. In her opinion, it is their interest that matters most, and many agree with this.

A spokesperson for Preckwinkle, Liane Jackson, made a suggestion, saying that a law firm might want to put out money to have its name advertised on the library and even made a suggestion that a shoe company might want to sponsor a particular area in the county. Jackson pointed out different options that would be available when it came down to advertising and sponsorship as a way of increasing revenue for the county. There are basically tons of different ideas, all of which will be given careful thought and consideration before any decisions are made and finalized.

The county and its government have struggled to deal with the shortfalls of the budget and it seems to happen each and every year. This is the primary reason they are looking for other ways to bring in money, especially because they would hate to have to increase the property taxes and cause a burden to the residents living in the county. There have been plenty of efforts when it came to advertising on public spaces in the county but as of right now, things have not gone so well. Even so, there have been many proposals and there are plenty of ideas to consider. The county government will take these ideas and carefully consider them, also getting ideas from the residents in the area to see what they would prefer when it comes to creating ways to increase the amount of money the county earns, especially in a time of need.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes