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Buena Save Signs from Decades Before

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An advertisement gimmick that was once used by Burma-Shave has actually inspired the former planning director or the Saginaw County to basically place different signs around what is known as the Buena Vista Township. Bill Wright retired from the job in which he worked as a planning director all the way back in 2002, a decade ago. Wright says that he had always had a love for the Burma-Shave signs. He remembers back in the days when he would take road trips with his father and his father would point the signs out to him, which made them very sentimental. He also fell in love with the different jingles and thought that it was an all-around interesting and cool idea to use.

While the Burma-Shave signs were the inspiration, Wright is now using signs that say Buena Save instead. He has already begun placing the signs in different locations around the Buena Vista area, dating back to 2011. Wright points out that Buena Vista is about the only area with a similar name like Burma-Shave. He said that he took an image that he found online, edited it a bit and then made up some jingles on his own. Each of the jingles he created works to promote Buena Vista in different ways and they are surely catchy.

Wright, who happens to be 60 years old, says that back in the 1950’s, Burma-Shave was at its peak for advertising and was known for being a company that produced brushless shaving cream. He also remembers how the company had thousands of different signs that were strategically placed along the highways all around the country, as a way to grasp the attention of such a large audience, basically anyone who was driving on the highway at the moment. Many of the signs would include different phases, driving advice, or would be funny in one way or another. Wright says that the purposes for his signs are to attract people to come and check out the township. Each of the phrases on his signs is catchy and ends with the traditional Buena Save sign. As of right now, the signs are lined up in about six different areas within the Buena Vista Township.

While the signs for Burma-Shave are no longer in existence, Wright is one of the many people who remember such playful signs. Wright is not the only one to take such an idea and use it, as there are other people who have done the same type of thing within their own state. And, even though Wright currently lives in the Bay City area, he felt inspired and wanted to help out the Buena Vista Township and its community. He believes the township has a lot more potential than it is given credit for.

Buena Save Signs from Decades Before by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes