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Digital Chocolate to Cut Back Staff

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Do you know what Digital Chocolate is? If you like games you might just have some in your pocket this very second. Sadly, Digital Chocolate does not come with  a rich aroma or a creamy, coco flavor. For those of you not familiar with Digital Chocolate here is a look at how the company describes itself. For those of you who are not familiar with the company here is a look at how the company has described itself , “Digital Chocolate has rapidly emerged as a leader in cross-platform social games. Best known for Zombie Lane, Army Attack, Millionaire City, and MMA Pro Fighter, Digital Chocolate has been the fastest-growing maker of Facebook social games with virtual goods in 2010 and led all software companies in App Store downloads in 2009. Focused on original brands and technology for a wide variety of platforms, the company has made over 100 different award-winning games and works with 200 leading web and mobile  channel partners in 80 countries. Digital Chocolate has operations in San Mateo, Seattle, Helsinki, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Bangalore, and Mexicali.”

Well it looks like Digital Chocolate will be taking a double hit to its foundation. Not only is the company going to lose a significant number of its workers, and close several locations, but they are also losing a prominent member of their executive team as well.

The layoffs the company is currently undertaking are set to impact about 180 of the workers at the company, a significant portion for an organization that is not very large to begin with. The layoffs are company wide, so they are set to impact workers all over the globe. According to early reports the company is going to be shutting down their offices in Russia, Armenia, Washington and Mexico. Other locations that will take job losses in this round of cuts will include San Mateo and India. The means that almost no office of the company is going to be exempt from these global layoffs that are being done as an attempt to streamline the company.

The company is also losing Trip Hawkins, their founder. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Hawkins here is an excerpt from his biography, “Trip Hawkins is the founder and CEO of Digital Chocolate, a leading publisher of social games like Millionaire City and Zombie Lane.  Trip played a key role in defining the personal computer as one of the first Apple employees from 1978-1982.  He founded Electronic Arts in 1982 and built the company into the industry leader, serving as its first CEO and Chairman of the Board from 1982-1994.  He then founded 3DO, a pioneer in digital video, network gaming, and social communities.  The author of three patents, Trip introduced the concept of game development as a creative art form and the use of celebrities and athletes in video games.  His design credits include award-winning best-sellers such as John Madden Football….” He hopes to, in the future take less of a hands on role and more of an advisory one. Of course who knows, maybe a change of leadership will help to revitalize the paired down company.

Digital Chocolate to Cut Back Staff by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes