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Presidential Election Advertisement Spending

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Advertisement spending for the Presidential Election has gone through the roof, with over $100 million being spent on television advertisements alone. Both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have spent millions on their campaigns, and so have many of the outside groups, each of which may support either of the candidates. Much of the spending has been put towards advertisements that will be displayed within the next few weeks, dominating the airwaves and taking over the airwaves in some of the most influential states. Throughout this week, several different states have displayed about $17 million worth of advertising. Some of those states include North Carolina, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

There are certain voters who have been, in particular, targeted more often than other voters. Voters living in the Ohio, Florida and Virginia areas have been targeted much more. In fact, spending on advertisements in Florida has reached $20.3 million, while it is $19.8 million in the state of Ohio and about $14.8 million in the state of Virginia.  Democrats often stress out about the impact that outside groups can have on a presidential campaign but according to the data and statistics, Obama and those who are siding with him for the election have already spent more than Romney has, along with the Republican groups that are backing him up. For Obama’s campaign, $44.7 million has already been spent. Several other groups that are in favor of Obama have also spent millions of dollars on advertisements in favor of him.

The Obama team has been outspending Mitt Romney in the vast majority of the swing states as well. Obama seems to have a major advantage in the state of Colorado, in which Democrats have spent several million dollars more than the Republicans have spent on campaigns. Ohio has also been a major state for the President Barack Obama, as spending within that state has reached $11.8 million already, a few more million than the Republicans have spent. Many Democrats have also spent millions in other states, including Pennsylvania, Nevada and Iowa.

Romney, along with the people and groups that are backing him up, has spent about $44.8 million on various television advertisements spots already. Many pro-Romney groups are spending millions in support of Mitt Romney, hoping that more advertisements will lead to more votes when the election finally approaches. The fact of the matter is that both sides are spending millions of dollars in order to reach out to targeted audiences and get the attention they are looking for, ultimately to increase the amount of votes they receive for the Presidential Election. The spending on these advertisements is only expected to increase within the next few months, as the elections are steadily approaching and will take place in November.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes