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Nielsen Acquires Vizu

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Nielsen, a company known for helping advertisers by providing them with important media information that can strategically be used for marketing purposes, has recently made an announcement about its new acquisition. Nielsen will now be acquiring Vizu, a company known for helping advertisers with the technology aspect of their online advertising as well as ensuring the advertisements are effective when displayed to targeted audiences. This acquisition will be the first for Nielsen for 2012, although the company recently acquired Marketing Analytics back in 2011. The financial aspect of the deal between to the two companies was not available to the public just yet.

With the acquisition, the solution that Vizu offers will be added in with the Brand Effect solution so that information about the performance of online advertisements will be readily available. The reason the acquisition took place in the first place, according to the EVP of Nielsen, is because both companies believe it is important to help the clients so that they can find out more about how their different advertisements and channels fit. Scott McKinley, the EVP for the company, says that when looking at advertising, it is obvious that there are tons of opportunities available and that is what these companies want to help with. They want to help both advertisers and the agencies they work for so that they can reach large audiences through different platforms in an effective manner. After all, the whole idea of advertising is to reach an audience in an effective and positive way. Nielsen thought about different ways to enhance the support it provides to clients and ultimately decided to do the acquisition with Vizu because they are a leader as well and will fit right in with the company.

Vizu was first founded several years ago, back in 2007, and has since helped advertisers so that they could measure the advertising campaigns to see how effective they are and how many people the advertisements are reaching. The platform has a primary focus of helping advertisers so that they receive necessary feedback as a way of improving their campaigns and having more success with the advertisements they are displaying. When using Vizu, advertisers have the opportunity to improve the way that people perceive their advertisement campaigns. While the acquisition has occurred, the company will still continue to operate in San Francisco, in its original office area.

Nielsen is known for being a company that already has a lot of potential but with the new acquisition, it is believed that the company is going to take things to the next level, specifically for the advertisers, who happen to be the clients of these companies. McKinley believes that while the world moves at fast pace, the company needs to follow in order to stay on top of everything.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes