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Tom Tucker Becomes Superintendent for Lorain School Board

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Tom Tucker has been offered the Superintendent position for the Lorain School District. This is a position he has never held before but he is definitely not new to the school district. In fact, he’s been working with the schools for nearly three decades and during that time, he worked as an administrator, director, principal, and human resources director. After holding so many different positions for the district, he has the experience that is necessary for the position and has recently been offered to take it on.

Tucker felt honored to have received such news about being chosen for the position. He says that it is a challenge but also feels appreciative that he was chosen over another finalist, Stephen Stohla, who was hoping to have the positions as Superintendent. It was earlier on in the week when the board members gathered together and made the decision to put Tucker in the position. At this point, a contract is in the works and once Tucker reviews the contract, he can decide whether or not he agrees with it. If he does agree with it, his hiring will likely be approved in the next few weeks, most likely at the meeting board members are holding on the 26th of July.

Tucker was working for the Lorain Schools for so many years, beginning at 1980 up until 2008 when he left to become the assistant superintendent for the Sandusky Schools instead. By 2010, he became the Superintendent for the Sandusky Schools and even though he has enjoyed his time with them, it feels right to come back to a place that he called home for such a long time.

It is believed that Tucker has all the right experience for the position, especially since the school district is currently dealing with a huge loss of about 3,000 students. Tucker not only has the skills, training and experience, he also knows the area and spent so many years working in the school district, which made him a frontrunner for the gig. While Stohla did not receive the position he wanted, he says that he would rather be beat out by someone who knows the area and calls it home over someone who, like himself, is not as familiar with the area either. In fact, not only has Tucker worked within the Lorain Schools for years, he actually attended the school when he was younger. Tucker is 56-years-old and is known for dealing with tasks at hand in a fast yet efficient and no-nonsense manner.

Tom Tucker Becomes Superintendent for Lorain School Board by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes