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Olympic Advertising for P&G

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The Procter & Gamble Company, commonly referred to as P&G, has recently shown off its new advertisement which will be displayed during the Olympics. The Olympics is set to take place in just about two weeks and during that time, P&G will have an advertisement displayed that shows a group of children athletes who come out to London, the location in which the Olympics will be held this year, to compete in the different Olympic games. During the commercial, children are being cheered on by proud parents, while a special message is displayed, stating that athletes in the Olympics will always be considered kids by their parents. At the end of the advertisement, P&G says it is a proud sponsor of all moms.

P&G is one of several different companies that put out tons of money on different advertisements and sponsorships that are to be featured during the Olympics. The company does this because the Olympics are a popular event that millions of people will tune into watch. It is the perfect opportunity for P&G to advertise to a large group of people, reaching much of their targeted audience as a way of driving and increasing sales.

And, advertising during the Olympics seems to be quite a wise move, especially since back in 2008, the Olympics that was held in Beijing ended up being the most watched televised event in all of the United States ever. It is definitely an ideal way for advertisers to get people to notice them immediately. The Olympic Events lasted for more than four weeks and during that time, a total of 27.7 million people tuned in to watch it all.

It is four years later and P&G has decided to get its hand on the opportunity to capture the attention of a large group of people. The company is making effort to connect with viewers by associating the Olympics with proud parents of children who will always be considered children, regardless of how old or how successful they have become. P&G believes that by advertising during the Olympics, they will be able to generate hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of sales. The investment made for the advertising would obviously be well worth it for the company to make so much in sales simply by advertising during the Olympic events. It is believed that the sales that P&G can generate during the London Olympics will be over $100 million more than two years ago, during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver back in 2010. The company has been around for the while and is known for being the provider of many popular brands, including Pampers.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes