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Company Told to Stop Selling Bath Salts

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A judge in the West Virginia area has recently made it clear that a company located in the state of Georgia must stop advertising for its bath salts and must also stop selling them, along with other chemicals that may be considered synthetic drugs. The Nutragenomics Manufacturing LLC was ordered to stop producing and advertising its bath salts by Judge Phillip Stowers. With the new court order set up, the company will not be able to do business in the West Virginia area. The company does sell products online to various states around the country and while they will continue to be able to do so, the company will not be able to sell the products and ship them out to any buyers in the West Virginia area. Under the court order, the company can also not be deceptive about the chemicals used in its products.

Along with being unable to sell to people in the West Virginia area, the company is also going to have to provide information about its customers in West Virginia and their purchases that date all the way back to the beginning of January in 2008. Information provided will include which products were purchased over the span of these past four years and how much of these products were sold to each individual person. The Attorney General in West Virginia, Darrell McGraw, believes that it is absolutely necessary to remove the supply of these products to prevent people from being harmed, especially with the instances that have been taking place with people misusing bath salts. McGraw’s office first filed an initial lawsuit against the company several months ago, back in April. In the complaint, McGraw claimed that the company is a distributor of the type of ingredients that people use to put together substances that can cause harm and are considered drugs. Some people are mixing these ingredients with other drugs and it is causing serious problems around the country.

The attorney general also argued that the company is constantly using fake names to refer to its products, calling them bath salts or incense, even though it is quite obvious that the products are being used for other illegal activities. He also argued that the products are not safe, even though the company continuously states that the products are, in fact, completely safe. McGraw pointed out that his office is very committed to getting these designer drugs out of the community and preventing harm from taking place. By cutting people off from these products, it will be easier to solve the serious problem surrounding such ingredients.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes