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Sexy Shoe Ads Featuring Candice Swanepoel Banned

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One look at the pictures and you wonder why they have been banned.  They are certainly risqué and maybe, can be labeled provocative as well, but there are a slew of such ads in the market, so why single out this ad?

However, switching on to the video spot and you realize that the ban is well merited. The 48-sec video clip is so steamy that it falls just short of being labeled pornographic.

The New York Post reported, “This huge banner ad for famed shoe designer Brian Atwood, showing naked men on a couch stroking  Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel’s long legs, has been banned by the Madison Avenue building that houses Atwood’s new Midtown store. And the designer’s skin-heavy fashion film has gotten the boot from city taxi rear-seat TVs for its risqué content.”

It shows the leggy Candice Swanepoel, the famous South African model, going from almost-nude to totally nude, in front of TV monitors that carry images of other nude people fooling around and she in provocative mode does a considerable amount of writing on her couch as well. Erotic, Risqué, Porny call it what you want, but it has to be taken off from public view.

The suggestive music, the lissome writhing, the contorted motions, the chiseled men and above all the leggy model, do manage to raise temperatures. Moreover, it gives the impression that she is having multiple partners.

In comparison the campaign posters are relatively less provocative. It shows the supermodel, astride two bare-chested hunks, dressed in a black basque, hold-up stockings and leopard-print heels, wearing shining red lipstick and hair-pulled back – she presents an awesome sight.

Both the video and the print versions of the ads have been banned from hanging from the brand’s Madison Avenue storefront and the video has been pulled from interior taxi video screens.

Mr. Atwood’s shoes are popular with a number of celebrities, among them Victoria Beckham, Jessica Biel, Kate Hudson and Rachel Weisz.

Atwood said that his campaign based on the theme, “sex is in the heels” is “sexually charged.” “There is something so sexy about this part on a woman, and these shoes celebrate that,” he explained.

Candice called her ultra-hot ad, “just another day in office.”

The ad was shot by the top fashion photography duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and is set to make its debut in the September issues of Vogue, W, V Magazine and CR Fashion Book.

Sexy Shoe Ads Featuring Candice Swanepoel Banned by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes