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New Senior Vice President of HR for Avon

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The Avon Products Incorporation recently made an announcement about appointing Scott Crum to take on the position of Senior Vice President of the Human Resources Department and the Chief People Officer. He will take on his new positions starting on the 17th of September. With his new position, Crum will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer of Avon, Sheri McCoy. He will also become part of the Executive Committee for the company. McCoy is excited about having Crum fill this position and has said, “As we work to return Avon to growth, it is essential that we effectively manage and develop talent while also enhancing a culture of accountability.” She spoke highly of Mr. Crum and said, “Scott shares my commitment to creating an engaged and effective work environment with aligned goals and a one team mindset. His knowledge of the global workforce and experience building strong teams will be critical to our turnaround efforts.”

Scott Crum is known for his extensive experience in the human resources department as well as his ability to completely transform the workplace into something far more positive. Prior to taking on this position, Crum was serving as the Senior Vice President and the Chief People Officer for Motorola Mobility. During his time working for Motorola Mobility, he was responsible for establish a human resources team and ensuring that all human resources functions were handled effectively even as the company was acquired by Google.

Before he ever worked for Motorola in 2010, Crum was leading the human resources department for the ITT Corporation and held onto that position for nearly a decade. ITT was an engineering and manufacturing company that employed thousands of individuals in a number of different countries and Crum was able to create a platform for these employees while continuing to show leadership throughout the entire process. Even before he worked for ITT, Crum was gaining experience in the field of human resources, having worked for a number of different companies. It is understandable why he was chosen for such a position with Avon.

Avon is a company known for being specifically for women but the company also sells products for men as well. The company brings in around $11 billion each and every year and is known for being the largest direct seller in the entire world. The company is targeted toward women in over a hundred different countries and there are millions of women and men who work as independent sales consultants for Avon, selling it to friends, family members and associates to earn revenue on their very own.

New Senior Vice President of HR for Avon by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes