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Utility Bill Advertisements in Gilbert

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The town of Gilbert has decided to sell advertisement space on the utility bills that are given out to the people that live in the area. It is believed that the town will be able to earn a total of around $108,000 per year from allowing the advertisements to be placed on the utility bills. All of the money that is earned will be donated to various different charities in and around the area. The Town Council in Gilbert decided on everything earlier on in the week at a Town Council meeting.

The advertisements will look much like coupons and will only consist of about three pages for each bill that is sent out. Residents who are worried that they will receive more junk mail because of this program will have the option to opt out at any given moment. Over the past couple of months, residents have been questioning the advertisements on utility bills. It has definitely stirred up some controversy in the town of Gilbert. Even though there was some controversy, the council approved the policy for a contract with the Standard Printing Company.

The contract will last for a total of five months. The policy that has been put in place basically says who will be able to advertise and what types of items can and cannot be advertised on the utility bills. None of the advertisements can display nudity, alcohol, tobacco or any type of sexual material. The advertisements also cannot mention politics or religions. None of the advertisements featured can provide false or misleading information to the public. The advertisements also cannot display any type of violence.

Two of the councilmen believed that it would be better if the advertisements were not strictly regulated because it would give businesses in the area a chance to advertise the products that they have to offer to the general public. In the meantime, other people on the council believed that advertisements should be very family-friendly. Jenn Daniels was one of the councilwomen who believed that the advertisements should be family-friendly.

Daniel said, “There are a lot of businesses that I don’t feel should have the right to advertise to my family.” She also said. “I feel very strongly about that.” Daniels believes that the town should filter out certain advertisements, which is something that the federal government has already decided to do when they chose to ban tobacco advertisements from being displayed on television. In the meantime, the Mayor of the town, John Lewis, said that the utility bill advertisements have been a possibility for several years now and will finally be happening.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes