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Service Jobs Growth and Expansion

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The state of Florida will be adding close to 1 million jobs by the time 2020 comes around. The information on these estimates came from data that was provided during the Florida Workforce Estimating Conference. Some of the traditional jobs in the state of Florida, including jobs in the hospitality sector, healthcare sector and the education sector will continue to expand and grow, which was news for the state of Florida, provided by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. While some of the traditional sectors are going to see a considerable amount of growth, other industries are also going to help add jobs for the state’s economy. These particular industries include science services and technical services, which will be adding jobs at a much faster pace, helping to improve the state and its economy and workforce. Even still, a total of 80 percent of the jobs that will be added are jobs that were lost in the state during the Great Recession.

There are specific occupations that are going to account for the new jobs added. These occupations include clerical jobs, food services, healthcare, and construction jobs. Many of the jobs will only be part-time or even available for entry level but they are still jobs that will be available that simply were not available at some point in time before. The chief economist of the state, Amy Baker, says that the health service sector and education sector has reached above their peak levels prior to the recession and that jobs within the hospitality sector are expected to do so within the next few years. Baker said, “We will see more sectors get back to the peak they were at. That’s really good news.”

One economist, J. Antonio Villamil, says that he is not really surprised about the addition of more traditional jobs for the state of Florida. He has said, “It’s very difficult to change the structure of the economy. Hospitality and medical services are likely to grow even more as we have an older population.”  He also said, “We can’t change the fact we are sun and fun and weather.” He has also said that employers are likely going to add more part-time positions as a way of keeping things flexible and being careful about how much they add to their payroll, especially since the economy is still a bit sluggish. According to Baker, the construction sector and the manufacturing sector still has a long way to go to get back to the way that it was prior to the recession and that is likely going to take some time.

Service Jobs Growth and Expansion by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes