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Employment Contracts for School Superintendents

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The superintendents of different schools are beginning to have less and less say in the way in which their districts are operated. And, at a time where they are having less say in the way that the districts are being operated, they also have to manage higher standards at this point in time than any other time in history. It is also believed that even though these superintendents are responsible for a number of different tasks and must oversee hundreds of different employees and clients, they are not receive nearly as high salaries as CEOs who have responsibilities much like the superintendents but are working in the private sector instead. Even so, each of the different school chiefs in the midstate is receiving at least $100,000 annually.

A recent survey was taken to find out more about the employment contracts of the different superintendents in and around the midstate. The survey revealed that on average, the salary of a superintendent in the area is at about $142,222 for this current school year of 2012-2013. Along with this salary, the vast majority of the superintendents receive a paid vacation, which lasts for a total of four weeks, along with insurance policies. While the survey provides insight on the earning of superintendents via their employment contracts, taking a closer look actually shows that these leaders are receiving less money than they did just three years prior. A number of superintendents have even passed on receive raises that they were entitled to and able to claim. This has caused many people to question whether or not the superintendent position is losing its glow.

One educational leadership professor for Shippensburg University, Jerry Fowler, believes that the position of superintendent is definitely going through some serious changes at this point in time. Fowler said, “Public education has been redefined in the last three to four years.” He also said,    “Today’s superintendents have to know more about the finances of a district, more about instruction because of assessment and accountability. Superintendents today have to be very sophisticated in their skill set.” It is for this reason, according to Fowler, that a number of superintendents for different school districts have made the decision to retire once they are eligible for retirement.

One thing is for sure and that is that there is no doubt about it, the job of superintendent is definitely a demanding job to have. On average, for the nation as a whole, an individual usually holds onto the superintendent position for a few years.

Employment Contracts for School Superintendents by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes