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Google AdWords and Television Advertisements

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Winston Wolf, who happens to be 58 years of age, is the founder of a company that is currently working on the development of a very specific advertising platform. This particular platform will help television stations so that they can place automated text so that it overlays advertisements and this particular idea, known as a startup, may be displayed on televisions in the very near future. Wolf and the company that he has founded, The Compass Group LLC, recently graduated from the ITEN, also known as the Information Technology Entrepreneur Network Mock Angel program. Several startups have gone through this program as a way of receiving investments.

Wolf already has extensive knowledge with sales and has even worked for the Sony Electronics Company several years ago. He happens to be working alongside of Carl Yankowski, who just so happens to be a business veteran holding down executive roles for a number of different companies, including Sony Electronics and General Electric. He has also operated as the Chief Executive Officer for Reebok and Palm.

Wolf first met Yankowski when they were both working at Sony and according to Wolf; they decided to keep in touch ever since being co-workers. When Wolf was first working on the plans for his start up, he chose to confide in Yankowski, asking him for help. Yankowski then agreed to become the business adviser for the startup and also became a member of the team. It is quite possible that this original vision that Wolf has had will become successful, meaning more overlay advertisements could be featured on a television near you.

Think of the advertisements that you may often see while watching television. These advertisements pop up at the corner of the screen from time to time, usually promoting a show that is going to be coming on that specific channel at some point in the near future. These are often referred to as house advertisements within the advertisement industry. It is believed that that text overlay advertisements are not very successful or profitable on television if graphics have to be created and a sales person is needed to figure out when to display the advertisements. However, this is what Wolf is currently working on.

His system will help television stations set up a digital marketplace for the screen space. The advertisers get to create an advertisement on the website and can pick a specific time for the advertisement to be featured. If things work out correctly, the television stations will be able to earn more revenue while small business can find a way to afford television advertisements. And, of course, Wolf will earn from it too.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes