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Ecobank on Anonymous Email and Hacking Allegations

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Ecobank, one of Africa’s banking leaders, is now in a dispute with a top executive who has recently left the company. An anonymous email was sent to the CEO accusing him of paying himself extra for work that he did before he become the CEO. The executive has called the email into question, and stated that he believed Ecobank themselves hacked his email account as well as tapped his phone in order to send a convincing email to themselves and incriminate the executive. Lawson, the executive, sticks with his story, and called the hearing that was held about the matter a “kangaroo court”. Despite this calling out of false justice, it seems Lawson might not be innocent, however. The police have searched security tapes of the coffee shop that Lawson was at when he sent the email, and he appears on the tapes at the time before it was received. Therefore, given photographic evidence, it’s going to be difficult for Lawson to prove that he wasn’t actually sending that particular email. It might have easily been that he was always at that coffee shop at that particular time of day, making it easy enough to make it look like the evidence really proved it.

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Ecobank on Anonymous Email and Hacking Allegations by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes