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India Police to Question Editor Accused of Sexual Assault

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In a coastal state of India called Goa, a news editor that has been widely known as a strong supporter of anti-corruption measures has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in an elevator. It would not be surprising if it was a fake accusation in order to punish and discredit this journalist. Mr. Tejpal, the journalist, has apologized for the ‘crime’ but that his manager had pressured him into doing so. He remains with the story that it was not a sexual assault, and that they should review the security tapes to see just what happened on the elevator. Tejpal has always been notorious for using hidden-camera sting operations as well as other measures to discredit and attack politicians, but now he’s being attacked for a criminal offense. However, whenever someone becomes too critical, there’s always the chance that someone else comes back to get their vengeance. We don’t really know whether Mr. Tejpal assaulted the woman on his own volition, whether the woman came at him and tried to get him to attack, or whether it was entirely a made up story that’s only existence is to get Mr. Tejpal into trouble. It’s always necessary to be prudent when the authorities have a potential motive.

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India Police to Question Editor Accused of Sexual Assault by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes