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Employer Job Interviews – the Right Questions to Ask

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As an employer, it’s crucial to hone your ability of spotting potential talent in applicants. Most employee turnover comes from personality mismatch rather than the individual lacking the technical job skills. All of the nuances in their answers regarding availability, communication, and criticism can lead you to the right applicant for the right job.

It’s important that the applicant possess self-assessment skills, and be able to explain in detail what they as an individual can bring to your company in the way of integrity and intelligence. Next, make sure that there is no mismatch in the work style department. The deciding factor, known as the ‘candidate desire factor,’ will ultimately decide if you have the right person for the job.

Questions for Gauging Self-Awareness

  • “Take me through your job history.”
  • “What makes you stand out from the others applying?”
  • “What would your most respected critic have to say about your areas of strength, development, and weakness?”

For higher positions, gauge your applicant on his/her understanding of their current job title. Ask them about the specifics: number of employees, the annual revenue, and reporting structure. Most importantly here is the question on how their current company makes a profit. Have them list their two biggest expenses. The responses to these questions can give an employer great insight on the interviewee, their understanding of the actual position, and if they have taken the time to get to know the company they are interviewing with.

Like in all relationships, some just have the right chemistry and others don’t. But when you’re interviewing potential employees, that chemistry must be pushed aside to find the right applicant. Questions to help narrow that field include:

  • “How do you accept constructive criticism?”
  • “What word describes the pace at which you work? Moderate, fast, etc.”
  • “How many hours a day is necessary to complete your tasks?”
  • “How much feedback, direction, and structure do you feel you need on a daily basis?”
  • “Explain a time when you perhaps made a hasty decision”

These types of questions will help you focus on meeting your company’s needs and atmosphere, and not just hiring someone who is likeable to you.

Any decent applicant will come to an interview armed with information about your company and the position being applied for. These questions will help you sort out the mediocre from the hungry.

  • “What do you know about our company, and what makes you want to join our team?”
  • “What makes OUR company stand apart from the competition?”
  • “Five years from now, how would you explain your role with us to another prospective employer?”


Employer Job Interviews – the Right Questions to Ask by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes