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How To Achieve Success With A Company

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There are plenty of executives, especially in Silicon Valley, who have their own take on how to achieve success within a company and create company culture that would stick around for years. Even though these opinions exist, it most important to focus on what that company can offer to the public before worrying about how to create a memorable culture. Realistically, if the company can offer something that the public will use and appreciate, they will be able to easily build their culture. It is about knowing what people want and making sure that they have it by providing them with something that is useful.

As the public begins to rely on the services and products that the company is offering, that is the best time for the company to work on grasping the attention of those individuals and getting them to do something, such as buy a product or pick one thing over something else. Only established companies have the ability to do this because they have proven themselves for being trustworthy and reliable.

When a company is first established, things tend to start off small. There are often only a few people who work together and share their ideas, including the CEO of the company and the very first people hired for specific positions. As these people within the company come together, they discuss a strategy that works best for the company and truly allows them to experience substantial growth. Once that growth does happen, things aren’t exactly as simple as they used to be.

Expansion takes place and hundreds of employees are brought in to help handle the different tasks of the day that keep the company running successfully. A prime example of this situation is Okta, a company that was first founded just five years ago. At the beginning, there were only a few people working together to help various businesses with their IT department. Over the years, more employees were hired, and now there are over 100 different people who share different thoughts and ideas.

With that kind of growth happening, Okta learned a valuable lesson on prioritization. They realized the importance of assigning an owner to the company and having them hold the most responsibility for building the company culture. They also realized that having people take on the leadership role and help with setting up a structure is what would help them out in the long run, especially when it came down to culture. Companies that are concerned about their culture may want to follow this pattern to achieve the same success.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes