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Tips on Planning a Career

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An average human being switches his career a few times at least. The point is that the time to make a career choice almost never passes away. But it is obviously good to follow certain tips on planning a career and to keep them in mind. Some of the career planning tips has been mentioned below.

Plan your career annually: take one day off a year or once in six months or even every month, which ever option suits you, and devote it only for focusing on your career. Keep all distractions away, deliberate on your current job, on all your job experiences and what kind of prospects lay ahead of you.

Evaluate your progress after last career planning: it is not about dwelling in your past, rather understanding the direction of your career since the last time you planned it- whether you followed what you planned, how much you deviated, whether you progress is significant or have you become stagnant or even treading a regressing path.

Deliberate on your personal inclinations: you may have certain preferences and now your preferences may have changed. You make have developed newer inclinations. It is important to understand your own preferences. Make a list of the areas of your interest and also the areas that you have no preference for. You may also make a sub-list of high preference fields and moderate preference fields. This evaluation would help you decide toward which direction you would navigate your career.

Thinking over your hobbies: This is inclusive in career tips, since you often can get important leads from this kind of information. Your hobbies could tell you what kind of job you are suited for. A job that you would take interest in would help you to be successful.

List your achievements so far: this would help you to design a convincing resume for your job application. You could put in any kind of accomplishments that you have till date and put them in your resume to make it stronger. This would help your employer to discover your transferable skills, that is, skills that you possess which are additional to what the job demands. And you will stand better chances to bag the job.

Fix your goal: in your current employment, decide the goals that you wish to achieve, that will enhance your career.

Discover new avenues: you could also opt for training in some new arena or upgrade your current educational qualification or take up all the chances to gain job experience etc. all this come under career planning tips. You should also look for jobs that you want to be in your near future, the post you wish to acquire in the next 5 years or so.

Tips for career planning could be innumerous but it is the one whose career it, who will take the appropriate steps according to his own judgment. Career tips can be read, listened to etc but they are only for assistance not for finalizing the decision.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes