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Patience With Your Career Path

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Getting lined up with the career you studied for, hoped for, dreamed for, is a matter of patience, of holding tight to that degrading job that hasn’t recognized your efforts for years. Patience is necessary, especially when a fellow school mate seems to have gotten the perfect job overnight, or your neighbor was promoted, or whatever else. The opportunities they’ve received may come from labor-starved fields, or perhaps they got a bit of luck, but overall what matters in life, as with all things, is having the fortitude to stick to your purpose despite discouragement.

After all, the first job or jobs you get won’t be what you were after. They may be rather thankless, but if you hold to them and do your best, with or without recognition from your boss, ensuring at least to yourself that you are learning discipline and gaining the know-how you can take with you at your next job, all this will pay off — this you must have faith in.

Patience does require faith, faith that you have chosen a reasonable goal and that you are fit to follow it through. You’ve made your plan, and though progress hasn’t announced itself as it did with college, when good grades and professor recognition was common, you must be able to realize that your efforts are sowing the seeds for your future success.

This is what the normal career track looks like, it looks like these sorts of cul de sacs and dead ends, these longstanding plateaus. Enduring a little degradation, receiving little recognition, as with family, as with all things, is part of what makes you strong, part of what calls you to answer the situation with your inner resources, to answer external discouragement with the certainty that you are equal to the task, that you are growing, despite lack of laudation.

It is hard, after all, when friends and coworkers seem to move on, or get the promotion, or whatever else. We evaluation ourselves with these shallow comparisons, not taking into account the differences in our situation. Thus we delude ourselves, and gain this disappointment that we aren’t measuring up to what others are achieving.

Know that you are growing and that sticking to the path, to the task, is what matters. It is that certainty of your task which comes from inner drive and the inner judgment that will ensure you won’t be bogged down with the frustrations of slow growth. Hold to it, be patience, and keep trying. It will come.

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Patience With Your Career Path by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes