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Envision Your Future Before Deciding Your Today

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Amidst all the choices flung at you over the years as to what career moves to make, you might be overwhelmed. Have you tried buying cereal lately? There are seemingly hundreds of kinds of cereals, of every flavor and shape. You might simply grab your trusted favorite and make a clean break for the check out. After all, research indicates that the more choices we are given, the more likely we are to make no choice at all.

In fact, car dealers have used this to their advantaged, pestering you whether you want 2 cup holders or 4, and by the time your decision making juice (whatever that is) is run out, then they start asking you the heavy questions as to whether you want the more expensive engine. With a little nudging, they might cajole you into spending more than you would have wanted.

So you’ve got these career choices to make: should you stay with your company or move, should you take this promotion or that? Should you simply focus on the family and not worry about career advancements? With these choices at hand, it helps to have a compass. Otherwise, we might struggle with our goals.

The compass is simple. Imagine the sort of person you want to be ten or fifteen years from now. What will that person have accomplished? Where will he have worked? What will he have earned? What values will he have acted upon, what virtues will he have practiced?

By having a solid sense of who and what you want to be, making these career moves will be less frustrating and will be more intuitive. You will make the simple choice of following the course that tends to where you want to be, how you envisioned your life would look. It might also suggest possibilities you wouldn’t have otherwise imagined.

So take the time to look to the final things. In this way, when you get to the end of your life your career track won’t look like a meandering river with endless cul-de-sacs and dead-end turns. It will look like a solid line ascending. There will be a logic and purpose to it, and you will know that you have arrived at where you want to be. A proud retirement, where we might work a gentle job, satisfied we achieved what were after in life, will give us more pride, overall, than to have remained stuck in a rut all along. Vision is the key.


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Envision Your Future Before Deciding Your Today by
Authored by: Daniel June