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The Search For A Mentor

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There are many so called “gurus” on the net that are offering their advice to you concerning internet marketing. The net is packed with experts and they all want you to join their list.

Most of them just want to sell you something and you never learn anything. How do I know this? Because I have fallen victim to the promises of these experts and joined almost all their lists.

So I have come up with a checklist to consider when attempting to choose a mentor.

1. Is he/she widely known? You would be surprised to learn that not every one with a fancy website is truly an expert. Do a search on Google for his or her name and see what you come up with. Check out their website and see what PR (Page Rank) they have. If they have been around a while the page rank should verify this.

2. Now search his or her name and type in “reviews”. Does he or she get favorable reviews? If the reviews are about 50% good and 50% bad–pass on him or her. If he is truly an expert his/her reviews should run 80% to the good.

3. Is his product or membership site worth the money? How can you tell? Read over the sales letter. Is it choppy or does it run really smooth? Does it offer all the points of interest you are looking for? Does he offer a good unconditional money back guarantee? If he doesn’t, close that page fast.

If everything meets your expectations the go ahead and order. But be sure to find out where the refund link is as soon as you purchase. If it is not what you thought it should be then just ask for your money back. Don’t be shy about it. They will honor your request. (If they don’t then you have found out the hard way whether or not they can be trusted)

4. Does what he/she teach make a difference in your marketing? Obviously if they are teaching you the things that made them a success and you are seeing positive results then you have a winner.

I hope this will help you in your pursuit of internet marketing knowledge. It is not all that is needed to find a reliable mentor but it is a start.

The Search For A Mentor by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes